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The course covers the application of the Montessori Method of education to children from two and half to six years of age and primary method of education for children from six to ten years of age.
The course consists of the following subjects:

Theory papers:

I. Child Psychology
II. School Organization
III. The theory of the Montessori method
IV. Principles of Education
V. Early childhood care & education

Practical Subjects:

I. Demonstration and Explanation of the Montessori apparatus
a) EPL b) Sensorial c) Arithmetic d) Language
ii. Rhymes & story telling session
iii. Art & Craft
iv. Origami
v. EVS File
vii. Psychology projects


a) Lectures : will be delivered English
b) Practical classes: where students will handle the materials and acquire the technique of its presentation and use.
c) Written work : During the course students who wish to qualify are required to prepare :-
i) A “Material-file” containing the illustrations and description of the various parts of the Montessori apparatus, their exercises and aims etc.
ii) “Geometry – book and cards” containing diagram in cut-out paper of parts of the geometrical apparatus and its possibilities.
iii) Biology book.
iv) Lesson plans.
v) Curriculum planner
vi) Project on Child psychology


The examination consists of 2 parts- Theoretical and Practical.

The theoretical part consists of:-
First Semester Second Semester
(i)Child psychology (i) Principles of Education
(ii)The theory of the Montessori Method (ii) Early childhood care
(iii) School Organization & administration

The Practical part consists of:-

(i) Demonstration of the Montessori Apparatus
(ii) Demonstrations of Rhymes & story telling session
(iii) Lesson plan & teaching skill demonstrations

The Examiners will ask a number of questions related to the Practical exercise.
The candidates Material File, Art & Craft file, ”Geometry file a” , “ Biology & EVS file” and “Lesson Plans” would also be assesses and evaluated at the time of the examination.
Candidates must pass in ALL subjects in the “theoretical” part and the practical part.
The Diploma awarded after successful examination will show the standard attained separately in the “Theoretical” and “Practical.”